Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Friends Again?!

Basketball Wives season 4 is officially over! Everyone was questioning if Shaunie O’Neal was going to go through with a season 5, and she announced to everyone tonight that she will. That’s all good but I would say the highlight of the show and what has everyone talking is the fact that Evelyn and Jennifer might have made up as friends. They were both given polygraph tests and the truth definitely came out about how they were feeling towards one another.  Evelyn tried to say that she didn’t miss Jennifer’s friendship, but the result came back that she was lying. On the other hand, Jennifer admitted that she missed Evelyn.  What she DID lie about is that she wasn’t jealous of Evelyn and Chad’s relationship. The host, John Salley saw how emotional the two teary-eyed women were, and grabbed both their hands and led them into a hug. I’m not going to lie, it almost put a tear in my eye after seeing what all they’ve been through for two seasons. After hugging, Jennifer told Evelyn they would talk after the show. This is obviously something private they wanted to resolve, and I can respect that. I honestly hope the women can resolve their problem with each other, or at least come to an understanding. I hate to see a friendship like that go down the drain but stuff happens.  Sometimes you have to just keep it moving. I hope you ladies can learn to love and be happy for one another if not anything else. I’ll be waiting for Season 5!!!

What Do YOU Think?!

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2 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Friends Again?!

  1. I’m so proud of them they both love and miss each other, true friendship is worth fighting for and that’s what they had it’s hard to find true friends these days.

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